Date Night

An evening out

Last night, my husband and I went out on a date; it was glorious. We had two uninterrupted hours of the two of us talking about goals, plans, life, etc. I don’t think we talked much about the kids. 

So often in the business of life: work, school, cooking, cleaning, bills, laundry, life; we don’t prioritize a night out. And by sometimes I mean a lot of the time and by we I mean me. 🙋🏼

I recently returned from a trip to Sweden. It was lovely and life-giving and just what my soul needed. However, when I came home, it was full-force into life: as a wife, mom, and business owner. After a week home, I decided, “we need a date”. I quickly lined up a babysitter {thank you Ellen} and told my husband we were going out.

And so we did.

Date night. 

After taking a vacation away from my kids and husband {more on that later} I needed time to talk and connect with my husband. Date night happened and it was good.

Take a moment to think about your real, where you are in life. Remember to give yourself grace,  take time for yourself, take time for the people in your life. Get out on a date. Especially if you have kids. Even if you don’t have kids. If you’re not married, if you’re not even dating anyone. Have a date night, make time for yourself, do something for yourself {and someone else in your life}.

{note: the photo is from earlier this summer and not last night; we failed to take pictures last night because both of our phones were put away ☺️}