About Me

A little vitamin D, a little exercise, and some fresh air.

Hello. I’m glad you found me. I’m Sara and I’m the founder of Lagom Today. Caleb & I fell in love, got married and we have 4 young children. We work full-time & we are passionate about getting our kids outside. Some days may be for 5 minutes, other days maybe 5 hours, it’s not about the minutes, it’s about getting outside.

Getting outside could mean races in your yard, biking over home-made jumps, scooter races around a cul de sac, a walk to the mailbox/playground/store/school or it could mean a full day canoe trip down river or hike in the mountains.
Kids love being outside, they love to explore, and it ensures they are tired & sleep well (and all the moms said amen).
Please follow along for encouragement on throwing getting your kids outside.