thankfulness & contentment

Paradigm Shift

Today I took the day off of work. I needed some down time. Life has been moving at a fast pace and I needed time to organize some things and spend time with my kids.

Well, it rained. I had big plans to sort through all the outgrown clothes. If you have more than one kid, you know what that means. It means the room looking like it exploded clothing…

With one kid hanging out with a friend and my other two kids sleeping, I decided to read a book. As I was reading, I kept thinking about how thankful I was with my life and how much we have been given.

I decided to put my book down and do a little creating; it’s fun for me. {Honestly, it’s probably fun for most people, if only you find the right medium.} It’s fun to get lost in a project. I pulled up pallets from the basement, paint and brushes from my art box, and sand paper from the garage. I set to work sanding, cleaning, painting and staining my boards.

It is easy to compare your life with everyone else’s; your neighbor, your sibling, your parents, your friends, your facebook “friends”, your followers on @instagram, the list goes on.

It takes intentionality to say “I am thankful for…” and “I am content with…” I don’t want to take life and all its blessings for granted. I chose painting these two words as reminders to always look for ways to be thankful and content with my life.

Life will throw you hurdles, however it will be easier with a thankful and content paradigm shift. It will be easier to walk through the hard when you can identify the thankful and content in your own life.

Instead of finishing out my day by organizing clothes, I took a moment for me. I pressed pause. Take a moment to think about what you are thankful for and what you are content with.

For me, I am thankful for my wonderful family and I am content with my home  {we have a roof over our heads, so many have much much less, may I never take it for granted}.