Day Off Fail or Day Off Win

Today, I took the day off…

I had big plans to get outside with my kids. Some large adventure, ski hike somewhere… however it started snowing. Snowing people! In April!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow. I love a good snow storm. But when I take a day off from work to play with my kids, in April, during vacation, I want warm, sun, and minimal wind. I want time spent outside without all the gear {hats, mittens, snowpants, etc}.

We desperately needed groceries, so I headed to Trader Joe’s with my youngest {she’s 2}. We had a good time; she snacked on a danish they were handing out and she got one on one time with me, which honestly doesn’t happen often in a family with three children vying for attention. Day off win for the youngest.

After the grocery store, I headed off for a hair appointment and got my hair cut; this was desperately needed. This was a day off win for me!

When I got home, it was time for lunch, a nap for the littlest and…

Rocket ship building

What you see in the picture, my kids, using their imagination.

I gave them each a diaper box and they proceeded to make rocket ships out of the boxes.

While I was busy tidying, ready to put the boxes in recycling, I asked them “do you want this box?” I was met with an emphatic “YES!” So they each got a box and happily used their imagination to make rocket ships.

Sometimes, it takes a rainy day, with your mom not paying attention to you {ahem tidying the living room}, for your imagination to run wild.

Some day in the next week, make space for your own imagination to run wild, whether indoors or outdoors. If you have kids, encourage them to do the same. 😉
You may find you {or them} are entertained for longer than maybe say… an iPad, iPhone or tablet? 🤷🏼‍♀️ try it.

Fort building
Fort building 

Later in the day, we got outside. We rode bikes, scooters, played with a little tikes car…

Then we continued into the back yard and the kids commenced their fort building. {helmet included because construction is dangerous work, you know?}

So, it’s safe to say, it was a #dayoffwin. Creative kids, down time for mom, cleaning/tidying for mom {does this ever end}, and ended with a little vitamin D, a little exercise and some fresh air. That’s a lagom day in my book. 😉


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