Down Time With My Littlest

Yesterday was about Memorial Day Monday. Well, after we got home, my husband had to get to work for an evening shift and the kids scattered to play with the neighborhood kids. Meanwhile, I changed into gardening clothes, boots & gloves to work on my garden. I started a big project two days earlier {Saturday} and wanted to wrap it up.

My littlest came back to join me. She was my shadow while I shoveled mulch, she was my tail while I watered the plants, she was my sidekick as I shoveled compost and dug fresh holes for new plants. She helped me fill the plastic bucket with the mud/clay that graces much of our yard. {To ensure a plant will survive, we have to dig a deep hole, dump the clay/mud elsewhere and use fresh dirt/compost to fill the hole, THEN we can plant something and pray it thrives.}

As I carried on with my tasks, it was so sweet to have my littlest’s company. Occasionally she would clap her hands and say “dood job! dood job!” encouragingly. She is such a positive spirit and one who loves to encourage. She is a joy to have around, and we don’t often have one on one time with each other. She is in the shadow of her older siblings. She patiently comes to their various activities, waiting her turn without complaint, a smile on her face and shrieks “yeah! yeah” when asked to join.

As our older kids were playing with the neighborhood kids, the littlest and I had one on one time when she helped me in the garden. My tendency is to have a “to do” list and push to finish it all or push myself until I crash, whichever comes first. Monday afternoon/evening was definitely a “to do list crossing off” kind of day, however midway through my tasks, I realized how lucky I was to have company while I worked. I was struck with the realization that in a few years, she will also be off with the neighborhood kids and I may be tending the garden or working through some other aspect of my “to do list” alone.  In that moment, I paused, I wished I had my phone nearby to capture the moment, however at the same time, I knew it wouldn’t capture the moment the way my mind captured it. And so I write it down, in hopes I remember that Memorial Day I had an encouraging and sweet little sidekick to keep me company as I worked through my “to do” list.

Life is full of things “to do”, and I’ll be the first to admit I get caught up more often than not in the “to do” rather than the “savor the moment”. This pause was a reminder to myself to savor the moment, even if for a moment.

This week, think about the moments you savor. Think about the blessings in your life. And, if you find yourself in a “to do list” moment AND catch a glimpse of a “savor the moment”. Take a second, minute, or more to be thankful for the “savor the moment” you caught. It’s ok to go back to your “to do list”, in fact, that’s probably what I would do. However, take time to be grateful & thankful you caught the moment for what it was.

Later that evening, as I snuggled my littlest and got her ready for bed. I whispered into her ear, “thank you for your help. You are a hard worker and it was wonderful to have you helping me today.” She giggled and smiled and carried on as her normal toddler self, while I continued my normal self of hurrying to get the kids ready for bed.


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