Clean Laundry Memories

A week ago I was in Sweden.

A week ago my laundry was hanging in the sun to dry.

Clean Laundry

I love doing my laundry at my Mormor’s house before I go back to the US because when I come home and unpack my suitcase; it smells like Sweden.

It smells of happy memories.

I have been coming home to the States from Sweden with a suitcase full of clean clothes as long as I can remember. I have clear memories of opening my suitcase and the sweet smell of clean laundry brings back happy memories of my trip.

I have been visiting Sweden since I was a baby; making memories with family and friends for as long as I can remember.

Sweden is my second home.

After I came home from Sweden on this trip, I opened my suitcase of clean clothes and got dressed. Later, I gave my son a hug.

He said, “mom, you smell like Mormor Marianne”.

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