Skip Your Schedule

A bike ride kind of evening

The past few days have been hard. Really hard.

I’ve had to sit back, rest, recuperate and focus on me {which most people know as a mom is really hard}.

I remind myself the “this too shall pass” {which isn’t easy in the moment}.

Well, this evening I got dinner ready early {6pm is early 🙈 and was thinking the kids would be in bed by 7:30 so I could have a glorious 2 hours by myself and then go to bed early myself}.

Instead of getting the kids ready for bed, I decided to take them on a bike ride.

That was medicine for my soul. We ran, they raced their bikes, we laughed, we stayed outside for almost 2 hours!

The kids missed bedtime and bedtime stories {those are important, I don’t like to miss them}, however they enjoyed spending precious evening daylight outside getting bedtime wiggles out, fresh air, and the last rays of vitamin D for the day.

It’s not always like this, it’s not always glorious, however this evening was pure gold.

Some days are meant for skipping your regular schedule to create lasting memories. Take time this week to skip your regular schedule and do something you don’t usually do with your kids. {we ride bikes a lot, however this winter has been a bit challenging… so this is out of the norm for the kids right now.}


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